Family photos at sunset at Quail Hill Trailhead, Irvine CA

Orange County family photographer. Candid photo of dad and his 3 kids sitting on stone wall and playing together during family photo shoot at Quail Hill with Krystil McDowall Photography

I really think that family sessions get more fun the more kids you have. That probably sounds pretty alarming because I’m sure that parents with 3 or more kids get intimidated and exhausted by the idea of a family session. I get it. Life with kids is wonderfully exhausting. But here’s why I thinking it gets more fun with more kids: my style of photography lends itself to being candid and a little bit silly. When you get more kids together at a session they tend to interact and entertain themselves. Simple prompts lead to really interesting interactions between the kids, and I get some of the most candid and fun moments on my camera. Really, it’s that simple. I think this session represents the best of what I’m saying. These 3 kiddos were under 7. The youngest was 3 and that’s an age where nobody else tells you what to do. So I made it my business to follow him around and befriend him and pretty soon he opened up to the camera too.

For those of you putting off a family session because you think it’s too stressful, it doesn’t have to be. I’ve never yet rescheduled a session because I can’t get the shots I need when I get there. To those in the Orange County area who want to get together to capture some candid family memories, please don’t wait! Your children grow up by the minute and there is no better time than right now.

If you’re wondering, this session was shot at Quail Hill Trailhead. Feel free to check out another family photo session I shot at Quail Hill earlier this year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing this photo session. Krystil McDowall is an Orange County family photographer, specializing in photography for families of all shapes and sizes, which includes couplesexpecting parents, newborns, toddlers, kiddos, even bigger kiddos and, of course, any fur babies that schlep with the family. If you're interested in viewing more of my work, check out my portfolio or contact me so we can discuss documenting some memories together.

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