Motherhood photo session in Huntington Beach, California

The title of this session encompasses the words “motherhood session”. As a photographer, when I hear that phrase I automatically think of mothers in beautiful dresses with long hair flowing in some beautiful field of fresh flowers and greenery or maybe a similar sort of set up at the beach. That’s definitely the photo stereotype that has evolved for the term “motherhood session”. However, for this session the plan was to do something that mom and her son do regularly together. Mom’s sweet curly blonde haired boy loves looking after their front garden and occasionally playing with his automobile toys in it. It’s something they do all the time. It’s mornings like these that epitomize motherhood to me. As the days pass and turn into weeks which turn into months and eventually years, these are the types of memories I want to remember.

By virtue of the fact that we were gardening, the session was heavily documentary in nature, much more so than my normal style. There was virtually no direction given from me throughout the session. I was simply an observer of how these two interact in their space as they spend a morning in their garden at their cozy Huntington Beach abode, and what a treat it was. Since we had our session last week, mom told me that she’s found two brown widows in their front garden, so it looks like we captured these memories just in time as mornings in the garden are on hold until the spidy situation gets better.

If you recognize this cute duo, it may be because you recognize them from this family photo session at Top of the World Laguna Beach.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing this photo session. Krystil McDowall is an Orange County family photographer, specializing in photography for families of all shapes and sizes, which include couplesexpecting parents, newborns, toddlers, kiddos, even bigger kiddos and, of course, any fur babies that schlep with the family. If you're interested in viewing more of my work, check out my portfolio or contact me so we can discuss documenting some memories together.

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